Jai Legal has now established its place in the legal services industry as one of the top Law firms in Bangalore. It is led by Advocate Pratap Kumar,  who aim at delivering fair procedural justice to their clients. Located at Bangalore & Chennai,   the scope of services we offer are for : Arbitration, Banking, Civil, Criminal, Cyber & IT, Consumer Cheque Dishonour, DRT, Family, Divorce Property, Registrations.

We understand the need and urgency of attaining justice for the client with the help of fair practices. The Attorneys here have the expertise to bail people out of unwanted and uninvited crisis in a transparent manner. They are highly experienced, extremely professional and evaluate the needs and requirements of their clients before beginning the trial. Our clients are our priority. Be it Individuals or Corporates, they receive prompt advice and our experts are available for any support/assistance needed in case of an emergency or even otherwise. We are committed to our client's expectations and have often rescued them out of critical situations.

We have top property lawyers in Bangalore provide document verification and registration related matters anywhere in Bangalore. We have a panel of senior lawyers from Koramangala and Indira Nagar, some of them are the best divorce lawyers from Bengaluru region.