• Aneesh

    Jai Legal provided me excellent legal service. Cost is very less when compared to other legal services available in Bangalore.

  • Ar Mohan

    I have taken the service from Mr. Pratap. Really he is very very co- operative advocate. He listens to the customers very nicely and gives advise very good. He spent a valuable time for us and he did a great job for me. Whenever I call him he talks very politely, and he is always ready for any kind of help in legal. Customer satisfaction is his motto. He is very well reputed advocate. I advise customers to go through him. Superb service.

  • Dipan

    Mr. Pratap is one of the finest family lawyers in Bangalore. He is a highly qualified professional with over 25 years of experience in handling all sorts of legal matters. Besides being an excellent legal professional, he is a good human being and a wonderful down to earth person to speak to. I have interacted with many lawyers but Mr. Pratap stands out. He is not money minded as most of other lawyers and always put client`s interest above his own. I am very impressed with the way he is handling my case. On the first meeting I felt comfortable and welcomed. He listened to me with empathy and provided strong guidance throughout the process in difficult times. His sharpness of mind, strong and to the point reasoning, style of presentation and defense skills makes him unbeatable. I am assured that there is somebody who stands by me. With Mr. Pratap your case is in the good hands. Highly recommended.